Yankee Power

We believe there is always time to find a greater appreciation for the small sounds and gestures that populate our atmosphere. This is the sound of a band of humans exploring the ever expanding limits, bringing light to their own dark spaces. And so, we present an offering to our own Age of Exploration, an answer to the highest calling of our natures. A beacon for like minded individuals interested in the beauty and wonder of the unknown...

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To paraphrase a famous author, “It is good to renew one's wonder, Yankee Power has made children of us all.” And with YAPO Enterprise at your service, our lives and our hearts will change and evolve together. It will be a long journey, though not overly arduous or displeasurable in the comfort of our Sagan Class ships. Taking notes from the vast spectrum of space and time, this band of YAPO associates blends styles and ideas to create a sound and experience that is familiar but not expected. Sail with us, and see your Pale Blue Dot. Better living through exquisite perfection!